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About Our Name

Yes, we had a name change. Some would say “not again.” But we must point out that this is really the first name that we got our own name. Since 1991 it has been under many different names, Korea Christian Book Service, KCBS, Inc., KCBS, and KCBS Literary Agency but they were really spin-offs of the first name. After the divorce from KCBS (the English book distribution business), we tried really hard for two years to stick with the name KCBS Literary Agency but we really had to give it up. We could live with the wrong telephones for the other company. But when several US publishers were starting to bill us for the books that the other company purchased it was time to do something about it. (Nobody wants that, right?) We promise whether we like it or not we will stick with this name until the Lord wills or unless we go out of bankrupt, since it is such a hassle to change it.  



What’s That Weird Name, rMaeng2?

It really does not mean anything in English. Some will recognize Hosung's (the owner's) last name in it. That is one of the intentions we had in mind. rMaeng2 should be pronounced as r-maeng-ee and what it really means in Korean is contents of contents, i.e. core contents. One day Hosung was riding a bike in Amsterdam in April 2009 and this just struck him like a lightening. Some Christians will call it a Divine Revelation. Others might call it a “Voice.” He is not that deeply spiritual so he cannot say it for sure but it was something like it. The name, the meaning, and the spelling in English just popped up in his mind less than 5 mins. Yes, while he was riding a bike during all these. So he had to stop and wrote it down.



What Do We Do?

Currently, we sell rights to Korean publishers on behalf of US/UK publishers (and some German publishers). We might add some more business categories if we need more revenue increase. If anything like that happens, it will still be something that has to do with books.

We represent books but not just books. Mostly Christian books. Recently we have been carefully expanding our business to other subject areas such as business, philosophy, social science, and history. We are expanding to other areas, again very carefully, for strategic and financial purposes. Strategically because we believe that books have influence on people and we do not want to be a part of bad influence. Financially, it is very difficult to survive with two additional staff members with just Christian books. However, no matter what we do, our main focus is in Christian books because that is why our company was founded: To spread the Gospel through literature. We will stick to it.

So who do we work with? We work with most US/UK Christian publishers. The list might be shorter if we list the ones we do not or cannot work with. If you want to take a look please click here.

Currently we are licensing at least 300 contracts each year (for the past three years) and total number of contracts up to now is more than 2,000 and growing.



So What Can We Do For You?

If you are a Christian publisher/proprietor and if you are looking for a good subagent for Korean language you came to the perfect place.

If you are a publisher/proprietor and if you are looking for a good subagent for Korean language and if you have great books that will positively influence human souls and are not against our Christian belief then again you came to the perfect place.

If you are having trouble with a Korean publisher or got stuck in a ugly rights situation or are trying to hunt down a publisher who ran away without any royalty payment, probably you came to the right place.



How to Contact Us



Parco #1031, 1700 Dongil-ro, Nowon-ku, Seoul 01624, Republic of Korea


phone: +82-2-535-8265

email: rmaeng2@rmaeng2.com

web: www.rMaeng2.com

blog: www.christianbook.co.kr (Korean)



About Our Site

This is really not a fancy webpage, we admit. However, with a company like us working on a low budget, we needed something that we can quickly fix, add, correct, delete and convenient. This is it. Google is giving us an amazing deal with the email and website and everything, so why not!

Since most of you won't be coming to our office, we wanted at least that you can take a look on the google map.



Where are we?

Since most of you won't be coming to our office, we wanted at least that you can take a look on the google map.


Our location on Google Map

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